Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s some information to help you navigate important areas of our wash:

What forms of payments do we accept?

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and Cash.

Do we offer a contactless method of payment?

Yes, through our membership purchases.

Is Sud’s Factory a touchless wash?

No, we use friction at all our washes, but it is 100% safe on 99% of vehicles.

Do we offer detailing?


How can you cancel your membership?

Either in person, through email or calling into 215.649.9031 Ext.2 .

What do we mean by unlimited car washes?

Wash as much as you want, period.

Do we recycle our water?

Yes, up to 80% of our water is recycled, filtered then reused.

What vehicles do we not wash?

Vehicles over 84” (7 feet) high, dual wheel trucks, tires wider than 12”, trucks with anything inside truck beds.

Is it safe to wash your convertible?

Yes, it is 100% safe just if the top is up!

Is the wash safe for newly painted cars?

We recommend waiting at least 1 month before washing your vehicle so that it has time to cure.

Will a cracked windshield be safe in the car wash?

We do not recommend going through the wash tunnel if the windshield is chipped or cracked.

Will my antenna be ok?


My finish looks dull or streaky, why?

The clearcoat is worn out if it looks dull. If it is streaky a rewash may be needed.

Will my bug shield be safe?


Do you accept muddy or Icey vehicles?

It depends on the vehicle. We allow slight mud but not excessive. Only small amounts of ice or snow will be allowed.